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Workers Comp Insurance

Workers Comp Insurance

Employers have a responsibility to their workers. In most states, including California, laws require employers to carry workers compensation insurance. This liability coverage is a type of no-fault insurance that pays for medical treatment and rehabilitation for employees injured on the job. Premier One Insurance specializes in helping companies of all sizes find and keep workers compensation policies that can help workers feel more secure as well as grow a company’s bottom line.

Benefits of Workers Compensation Insurance

Workers compensation has benefits for both employees and the companies that provide it. This type of insurance covers medical care in the event that an employee is injured at work, and, in most cases, it also keeps employers from being sued by the injured employee.

In addition to helping companies find affordable workers compensation packages, Premier One Insurance helps corporations find and implement safety measures that have been proven to reduce on-the-job accidents. Our risk-management experts work with employers in a number of different industries to find effective safety training and other preventative measures that may result in lower premium costs.

Workers Compensation Coverage Options

The cost and coverage of a workers compensation insurance policy are based on a number of factors. Perhaps most influential are the industry and type of work done by employees. Clearly, office employees face a different set of risks than construction workers. Also, the number of workers employed by a company will play an important role in the scope of coverage required. In order to accommodate a full range of corporate customers, Premier One Insurance works with several top insurance providers. Our workers compensation packages can include

  • Cutting-edge payment systems
  • Case managers for medical disabilities
  • Certified life-care planning nurses
  • Utilization management nurses
  • Vocational rehabilitation consults
  • Physician consults
  • Legal staff
  • Contracts with medical network providers
  • Managed prescription drug programs

By protecting employees, companies often find they increase their retention rates and also provide a more productive working environment. Businesses interested in learning more about affordable workers compensation insurance as well as risk management should contact us immediately.