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Disability Insurance

from Premier One Insurance

Disability Insurance

What happens to individuals who suddenly become disabled? What happens to their families? If they had the foresight to purchase disability insurance, chances are things will be much easier. Premier One works with Californians to provide affordable disability insurance that can make a big difference for those who become disabled. The right disability insurance helps to protect families and assets in the event of a health crisis or debilitating injury.

Disability in America

In 2013, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, only 17.6 percent of disabled individuals were employed. This same year, unemployment rates for disabled individuals who actively sought employment were nearly double the unemployment rates for those without disabilities. BLS also reports that prior to retirement over 40 percent of Americans will become disabled for at least 90 days. (Source: Given these statistics, can Californians afford to be without disability insurance?

Disability Benefits

A variety of disability insurance options are available from Premier One. Our experienced agents work with employers to offer disability insurance benefits to employees, and we also offer disability options to individuals. Disability insurance policies available to employers include workers compensation liability insurance as well as additional disability benefit options. Private and group opt-in policies available through Premier One include

Disability Income Insurance: A policy that offers income replacement and pays out monthly in the event that the insured party becomes disabled due to a covered injury or illness

Mortgage Disability Income Insurance: A policy that protects the insured by making mortgage payments in the event of disability due to a covered injury or illness

Individual Credit Disability Insurance: A policy that assists with loan repayment in the event that the insured becomes totally disabled.

Disability isn’t something to be taken lightly. Although it may feel uncomfortable to spend time thinking about the possibility of becoming disabled, planning ahead can help a family avoid disaster. Learn more about disability insurance by filling out an online quote form today.