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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance

Understanding the FAIR Plan for Homeowners Insurance

The Yahoo Finance article "Unaffordable homeowners insurance leaving many in California's fire zones unprotected" highlights the ongoing crisis of skyrocketing insurance rates and reduced availability of coverage in...

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Legislation to Bring Insurance Companies Back to California

Bay Area congressional representatives have introduced bipartisan legislation to address the ongoing insurance crisis in California. The Disaster Resiliency and Coverage Act proposes measures to encourage homeowners to...

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Navigating the Turbulent California Homeowners Insurance Landscape

The recent developments in California's homeowners' insurance market have raised concerns about the challenges faced by residents in obtaining and affording insurance coverage. State Farm's decision to drop 72,000...

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Flood Insurance Insights: Navigating Basement Coverage Challenges

In the dynamic landscape of insurance, understanding the intricate relationship between natural disasters and coverage is paramount. Floods, being one of the most devastating and pervasive disasters, can wreak havoc on...

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Between Climate Change, Social Awareness and Technology, How the Insurance Industry Will be Shaped in the Near Future?

In the post-pandemic era, marked by unprecedented trends and rapid changes, industries have grappled with new regulations, inflation, geopolitical volatility, and technological advancements. The insurance industry was...

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